Dessert With Friends – May 9, 2024

Dessert With Friends – May 9, 2024

PARC is honored to host Bill O’Brien at our May 2024 Dessert With Friends. Bill will present his findings from his December trip to Israel where he was a member of a visiting team of national Republican leaders.  Among other things the team wanted to demonstrate their support for the only democracy in the Middle East, as its citizens dealt with the shock and consequences of the horrendous October 7 attacks.  Since then, Bill has sought to speak out as a witness to the depravity of Hamas and the courage of Israel as they now confront both Islamic Jihadists and a resurgence of Western antisemitism.

Bill’s political journey spans over two decades, including five terms in the NH House of Representatives, serving as Speaker from 2010 to 2012 and Republican Leader from 2014 to 2016.  Bill’s accomplishments are numerous. Including:

  • Spearheading a significant reduction in state spending by 18% to address an $800 million budget deficit without increasing taxes.
  • Numerous legislative reforms, such as implementing jury nullification and voter ID laws, introducing an online state checkbook, and eliminating over 80 business and consumer regulations.
  • Bill is currently serving as New Hampshire’s Republican National Committeeman.

Bill holds a Juris Doctorate from Suffolk University Law School and a Master’s in Intellectual Property Law from the University of New Hampshire Law School.

Bill and his wife, Roxanne, celebrate 50 years of marriage and have three children and seven grandchildren.

Come join us. You’ll be glad you did.


Ashland American Legion.
6:30 refreshments and networking.
7:00 presentations start.


February 8, 2024 Dessert With Friends – Lily Tang Williams for NH Congressional District 2.

Our February 8, 2024 Plymouth Area Republican Committee meeting at the Ashland American Legion, 39 Main St Ashland, NH 03217, will feature Lily Tang Williams.

Lily is working to defeat incumbent Democrat Annie Kuster as the Republican Congressional Candidate in NH-02.  You know that Ms. Kuster is a typical liberal DC Democrat. The same party who many of us label as the party of destruction! You know, the party for open borders and want to tell you what car to drive.

Lily is a loyal American. Lily’s background is ideally suited for today’s Washington DC. Lily grew up in Communist China and knows where the Dems want to take us. She’s been there; done that!  Imagine Lily standing up to the Squad! She needs you to help make that happen! She has a huge task in front of her. She needs to get her story out to all voters in over 100 NH CD2 towns.

Come listen to Lily’s story and hear how she will use her experience to help thwart the radical DC Dem’s lurch towards Marxism!

Learn more about Lily here.

NH Congressional District 2 includes:





March 14, 2024 Dessert With Friends – What happened on January 6 – from the inside

At our March 14, 2024 Dessert With Friends meeting at the Ashland American Legion, Cindy Young will talk about her experiences with being jammed up in the January 6 debacle.  She is currently being scheduled for a trial on charges brought against her from that day in DC.  Her trial date has changed at least once so we are not 100% sure she’ll be able to attend our meeting. However, it is highly likely that she will.

In our lifetime we have never seen such happenings.   This is your chance to hear from a person who was there, a person who is experiencing firsthand the heavy weight of our legal system as it attempts to judge her actions on that fateful day.

As a backup to Cindy’s presentation we have the movie: Sound of Freedom that we may show.

In either case we will provide you with an interesting evening.

The What’s and Why’s of Cindy’s presentation:

  • Why I made the trip to Washington on January 6
  • What did I witness
  • What did I do
  • What happened after that day
  • What is happening now
  • What concerns me about the current geo/political environment
  • What I believe we can do to correct the course we are on – it starts LOCAL
  • What I have experienced with our corrupt justice system and what I am facing today.

Please rsvp: se*******@pl*********************.org


October 12, 2023, Dessert With Friends – Election Integrity

Election Integrity – Speakers from the District 24 Senate Race Audit Team will discuss the movement to secure our elections in New Hampshire.

“We have a list of folks who have moved from every town in NH and applied for a USPS permanent move and remained on the voter registration at the midterm. There are 64,000 NH voters state wide who moved from their home county or out of state that were still active from their old address. Our goal is to clean the movers who are no longer living at their address from the voter rolls so they will be as clean as possible going into our next election.

We are happy to get interested people working with their town checklist supervisors to get the lists clean. Hollis just removed over 400 names- Sandown about the same.  It’s an effort we can all be part of.

Here are the folks who will tell us all about it.

  • Michael Bean – Rye Republicans, Town Chair, Delegate and State Committee Member
  • Al Brandando – Retired commercial pilot, Leader of the NH constitutional convention & voting machine maintenance auditor
  • Linda Brown – Business owner & expert in New Hampshire elections ( Chain of custody) / Recounts
  • James Goodwin – Systems Analyst , IT director and Machine tape auditor
  • Brenda Towne – Business exec, election auditor : 2020, Team lead for citizen led election reform

Please rsvp: se*******@pl*********************.org