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Important bills we're tracking in the NH legislature

Here is a link to a page that has information about legislation being considered in the NH General Court.  These lists offer detail, contacts and further links to submit testimony and attend public hearings, as well as scheduled voting dates. Opinions offered in these links do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the PARC.  We are eager to hear your thoughts on any of these bills in the ‘General Discussion‘ section of our ‘Member’s Area.’

Reopen New Hampshire – Bills We’re Tracking


Republicans win big in November 2020!

November 10. 2020

As a result of a huge effort by many, big changes have happened in New Hampshire government.

  • Republicans now hold a 213 – 187 majority in the State House of Representatives
  • Republicans now hold a 14 – 10 majority in the State Senate
  • Republicans now hold a 4 – 1 majority in the Executive Council
The Hill gives a big shout-out to New Hampshire for flipping the House, Senate and Executive Council

Omer Ahern, Jr, Grafton County Commissioner was a candidate we supported.  He has done a few YouTube videos.  Here is one.  Click here to see more of them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbDCHygI14E

Watch this interesting video of Irina who lived in the Soviet Union until age 15 when she came to the USA.  Hear her discuss what living under Communism was like.  Our Board member Holly Willoughby did this interview.

This is the news and article feed from the site The Babylon Bee The Babylon Bee    Note, The Babylon Bee is a satirical site – don’t think these are real!

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