We hold meetings on the second Thursday of each month and only record speakers who want to be recorded.


We record some speakers at our events.  Here are two.

Candidates for Governor - Thad Riley and Karen Testerman

Dan Richard, expert on the New Hampshire Constitution

PARC’s dessert with friends 1/13/22 Watch Eric Pauer, Vice president of the School District Governance Association in NH. He explains how interested citizens can ensure elected school officials are performing their proper duties. You can look them up on their website at https://sdganh.org/. Highlights of the video can be found below.

02:10 Eric starts speaking.

08:0008:14 The SDGA mission statement.

08:1513:10 What does the SDGA do and an overview of their resources Available.

13:1219:40 SDGA accomplishments.

19:4033:30 SDGA Training and webinars.

33:3235:04 Upcoming SDGA webinars and zoom meetings.

35:0445:41 SDGA candidate’s pledge.

45:4252:04 SDGA model policies for legislation.

52:0753:05 How to contact the SDGA and become a member.