PARC is honored to host Bill O’Brien at our May 2024 Dessert With Friends. Bill will present his findings from his December trip to Israel where he was a member of a visiting team of national Republican leaders.  Among other things the team wanted to demonstrate their support for the only democracy in the Middle East, as its citizens dealt with the shock and consequences of the horrendous October 7 attacks.  Since then, Bill has sought to speak out as a witness to the depravity of Hamas and the courage of Israel as they now confront both Islamic Jihadists and a resurgence of Western antisemitism.

Bill’s political journey spans over two decades, including five terms in the NH House of Representatives, serving as Speaker from 2010 to 2012 and Republican Leader from 2014 to 2016.  Bill’s accomplishments are numerous. Including:

  • Spearheading a significant reduction in state spending by 18% to address an $800 million budget deficit without increasing taxes.
  • Numerous legislative reforms, such as implementing jury nullification and voter ID laws, introducing an online state checkbook, and eliminating over 80 business and consumer regulations.
  • Bill is currently serving as New Hampshire’s Republican National Committeeman.

Bill holds a Juris Doctorate from Suffolk University Law School and a Master’s in Intellectual Property Law from the University of New Hampshire Law School.

Bill and his wife, Roxanne, celebrate 50 years of marriage and have three children and seven grandchildren.

Come join us. You’ll be glad you did.


Ashland American Legion.
6:30 refreshments and networking.
7:00 presentations start.