Election Integrity – Speakers from the NH Voter Integrity Group will discuss the movement to secure our elections in New Hampshire.

“We have a list of folks who have moved from every town in NH and applied for a USPS permanent move and  remained on the voter registration at the midterm. There are 64,000 NH voters state wide  who moved from their home county or out of state that were still active from their old address. Our goal is to clean the movers who are no longer living at their address from the voter rolls so they will be as clean as possible going into our next election.

We are happy to get interested people working with their town checklist supervisors to get the lists clean. Hollis just removed over 400 names- Sandown about the same.  It’s an effort we can all be part of.

If you have any questions, please let me know.”

Please rsvp: secretary@plymoutharearepublicans.org