At our March 14, 2024 Dessert With Friends meeting at the Ashland American Legion, Cindy Young will talk about her experiences with being jammed up in the January 6 debacle.  She is currently being scheduled for a trial on charges brought against her from that day in DC.  Her trial date has changed at least once so we are not 100% sure she’ll be able to attend our meeting. However, it is highly likely that she will.

In our lifetime we have never seen such happenings.   This is your chance to hear from a person who was there, a person who is experiencing firsthand the heavy weight of our legal system as it attempts to judge her actions on that fateful day.

As a backup to Cindy’s presentation we have the movie: Sound of Freedom that we may show.

In either case we will provide you with an interesting evening.

The What’s and Why’s of Cindy’s presentation:

  • Why I made the trip to Washington on January 6
  • What did I witness
  • What did I do
  • What happened after that day
  • What is happening now
  • What concerns me about the current geo/political environment
  • What I believe we can do to correct the course we are on – it starts LOCAL
  • What I have experienced with our corrupt justice system and what I am facing today.

Please rsvp: se*******@pl*********************.org