Dan is a self-taught Constitutional scholar and N.H. Secretary of State Bill Gardner (a Democrat) has called Dan “The most knowledgeable Constitutional scholar he has ever known.”  Dan is a popular speaker who has presented to hundreds of people all across New Hampshire.

 Dan will provide us with updates on his three law suits:

  1. The Remonstrance case: on the right to petition government.  (Decision should be available in February.)
  2. A second suit about Federal money and separation of powers.
  3. A third case about unconstitutional voting laws.

Dan is a Granite Stater who grew up in Manchester.  He acquired skills in training and managing police dogs in the U.S. Air Force, leading to a 35 year career in training police dogs,
including a being the Head K-9 trainer for the US Dept. of Energy.

Dan spoke recently about voter integrity and you can see the presentation on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYPQUy1QFe8