Special women-only seminar – February 25, 2023

Special women-only seminar – February 25, 2023

The Mindset of the Empowered Woman™, a women-only seminar will educate and empower you and might just save your life. This is a women-only seminar that shatters the myth that most acts of violence are random and unpredictable.

This incredibly comprehensive 3 1/2-hour program empowers students by introducing the concepts of situational awareness and ‘Composite Risk Management’, explaining the four types of interpersonal violence, diagramming the five stages of violent criminal attacks and by breaking down the principles of ‘Social Engineering’, providing insight and a clear understanding of the tactics and methods of psychological manipulation that criminal predators rely upon to lure potential victims.

This program will also compare and contrast various self-defense system options, including pepper spray, firearms, martial arts, knives, and stun-guns to provide the student with the knowledge necessary to make the right personal choice in selecting a weapons system for self-defense.

The threat of violence surrounds us every day. The Mindset of the Empowered Woman teaches students how to recognize the danger signals that are so often missed… or ignored. This course will not only educate and empower you, but it might just save your life.

Since it was first developed in 2012 under the title of Elements of the Defensive Mindset™ this presentation has been delivered to well over 4,000 personal safety-minded individuals in over 25 states. including scores of law enforcement personnel. The developer, Keith Hanson, is a career law enforcement trainer with multiple instructor ratings in Tactical Counterterrorism, Active Shooter Response, Immediate Action/Rapid Deployment, Tactical Firearms, and SWAT Medic disciplines.


Time: 1.00 – 5.00

PARC members: FREE
Non members: $25.

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If you want to attend you must RSVP by sending a note to secretary@plymoutharearepublicans.org

Dessert With Friends – January 12, 2023

Continuing with our efforts to introduce our members & friends to candidates for office we have invited Mr. Chris Agar, candidate for the NH GOP chair, as our speaker for the evening.  Chris has served as Hillsborough County GOP Chairman for the past four years and National Committeeman for the Republican National Committee (RNC) for the last three years. This national level committee assists with developing and promoting the GOP and the GOP political platform, as well as assisting in fundraising and election strategy. This committee is also responsible for organizing and running the Republican National Convention.  Currently Chris is a candidate for NHGOP Chairman and hopes to be formally elected to that position at the annual Republican National Committee (RNC) State Committee meeting on January 28th.

At our meeting on the 12th, Chris will discuss the NH GOP strategy and activities leading up to the 2022 midterms and where he wants to lead the NH GOP as we prepare for our local elections and of course the 2024 national election.

Come join us. You’ll be glad you did.


Ashland American Legion.
6:30 refreshments and networking.
7:00 presentations start.


Dessert With Friends – September 8, 2022

As we approach election season in the fall, with the primary on September 13 and the general election on November 8, 2022, we will have several meetings devoted to hearing from and asking questions to candidates running for office.  Note that it is PARC’s position not to endorse any candidate prior to the primary election.  We want a fair and balanced process.

So, on September 8, 2022, we are pleased to hear from two candidates.

Dean Poirier is running for the US Congress and is a veteran of the US Army who served during the “Desert Storm” & “Provide Promise” time frame. He participated in the Build-up and training for Desert storm. Dean had the honor of serving in the Humanitarian Aid missions “Provide Comfort” & “Provide Promise”, while stationed in Germany.  Dean has ideas for needed changes to the VA and VA medical system that will save the American taxpayers billions, and ideas for changes for other areas that will do the same in those areas.
Dean says; if we do not put someone in the office that has the personality, demeanor, and willingness to fight for our rights, & freedoms, and the rights and freedoms of our children and grandchildren, then we & they will lose the America we love!
“I” Am that person willing to Fight for YOU!!

George Hansel is also running for the US Congress and is a 5th generation executive of a local family-run manufacturing company and the Mayor of Keene, New Hampshire. For over 120 years, his family’s manufacturing company has been creating jobs and American made products sold across the world. After many years serving on community boards, George was elected to be the 49th Mayor of the City of Keene, New Hampshire in 2019. He’s currently serving his second term after being re-elected with 91% of the vote.
Under George’s leadership, Keene has passed balanced budgets and implemented fiscally responsible policies to cut Keene’s debt service payments in half.  George believes elected officials have a duty to make themselves accessible to their constituents. As Mayor, he has a track record of listening to the citizens of New Hampshire by hosting town halls, meetings, and even a weekly call-in radio show on WKBK.

Each candidate will have 30 minutes to tell us why they’re the best person for the job. There will be time for questions.

Ashland American Legion.
6:30 refreshments and networking.
7:00 presentations start.