The New Hampshire House will be back in session January 5-7, 2022. During these days, we will handle bills that were retained in 2021 and bills that were vetoed by the Governor.  Committee work will begin shortly afterward to work on new legislation proposed. Over 800 bills have been submitted!
There are several good bills aimed at protecting liberty, election integrity, and quality of life. Here are a few of the bills I am sponsoring:
I co-wrote HB-1469 with Rep. JD Bernardy to protect individuals and businesses from being discriminated against by banks and financial institutions based on ESG scores. Many of the major banks in the U.S. are already refusing to make loans to businesses involved with oil and natural gas.
I co-wrote HB-1421 with Rep. Paul Terry to establish a Parents Bill of Rights. Ever since Hillary Clinton introduced the philosophy of “It takes a village”, parents have had their rights and authority over their own children eroded. Children are allowed to undergo medical treatments without parental knowledge, let alone permission. Children are subjected to some of the most perverse sexual education indoctrination at school without parental consent or knowledge. Children are exposed to political and philosophical dogmas of their teachers (such as CRT) without parental consent. The State needs to reaffirm the rights and authority of parents over their children.
I wrote HB-1181 to allow the father of a pre-born baby to file a petition for an injunction to prevent the baby from being aborted. Until now, fathers have not been allowed a voice on the subject. None of the Supreme Court precedents has declared that fathers have no rights; only that the rights of the mother are of greater weight. It is time we recognize the rights of fathers.
I am co-sponsor with Rep. Mark Alliegro on HB-1064 to require all elections in New Hampshire be done using paper ballots.
The Democrats have submitted several very dangerous bills. Many of their bills infringe on constitutional rights and personal liberties, expand government, and deteriorate election integrity.
LSR 22-2017 [no HB number yet] will require a background check on any commercial firearm sale; HB-1096 – will prohibit open carry or display of a deadly weapon within 100 feet of a polling place; HB-1151 will prohibit the display of deadly weapon at a parade, funeral procession, picket line, rally, demonstration, or vigil.
HB-1452 will give government oversight of private water wells.
CACR-22 will institute ranked choice voting.
Additionally, they want to eliminate single use plastic bags (HB-1471); repeal the fetal health protection act (LSR 22-2031); and cap the number of Reps in the State House to 150 and Senators to 35 (CACR-29).
It looks to be a very interesting year!