Parental Bill of Rights defeated by these NH House “Republicans”

HB-1431 – Parents’ Bill of Rights was defeated on May 26, 2022.  (The link includes the text of the bill.)

The following 13 Republicans voted against the bill, and one other was present but did not vote.

  • Joe Alexander
  • James Allard
  • Mike Bordes
  • Joe Depalma – Grafton County
  • Debra DeSimone
  • Ned Gordon – Grafton County
  • John Graham
  • Joseph Guthrie
  • Bonnie Ham – Grafton County
  • James Mason
  • Kim Rice
  • Claire Rouillard
  • John Sytek
  • Dan Wolf
  • Jodi Nelson did not vote.

Among other things, the Bill provided that parents had…

(a) The right to direct the education and care of his or her minor child.
b) The right to direct the upbringing and the moral or religious training of his or her minor child.
(c) The right to apply to enroll his or her minor child in a public school or, as an alternative to public education, a private school, including a religious school, a home education program, or other available options, as authorized by law.
(d) The right to access and review all school records relating to his or her minor child, pursuant to RSA 189:66, IV.
(e) The right to be notified promptly if an employee of the state, any of its political subdivisions, or any other governmental entity has a reasonable basis to believe that a criminal offense has been committed against his or her minor child, unless the incident has first been reported to law enforcement or the bureau of child protective services and notifying the parent would impede the investigation.

Update from State Rep Beth Folsom

Update: June 9,2021


I am responding after two hard fought days trying to get good pieces of legislation passed. None of us are perfect and I have made my share of freshman mistakes.  We lost some key battles due to some extremely weak Republicans.  Those are the ones you should be focusing on.

Have you participated in hearings this year?  Have you sent notes of encouragement when a legislator votes according to our constitution?   Have you started recruiting strong constitutional candidates yet?   Are you recruiting, training, and raising funds yet?   Have you paid the costs of sending legislators to the ALEC conference?  Or Wallbuilders Pro-Family Legislative conference?  Here’s an easier one, how about mowing their lawn, splitting wood, or helping them get their gardens planted? We are not all wealthy, young, and healthy but still often give 40 plus hours a week on legislative work for a whopping 100 bucks a year.

Spend some time building up the slightly imperfect legislators or you will loose them and end up with democrats instead.

My final word, PRAY for these hard working legislators. Pray without ceasing!

God bless, Beth