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      The Cost – Maria Bartiromo

      Co-written by James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal (you should definitely read his work, he’s awesome) this book goes over the Trump years and highlights all the success and progress he made. It’s a clear and rather concise summary of the Trump presidency, from a mostly business perspective.

      Maria Bartiromo and partner James Freeman, begin the book by clearly showing our 45th President is not part of the Washington political establishment. He rankles the swamp, media and his own party from day one, but fights tirelessly to fulfill campaign promises.

      Chapter 2 is perhaps the most stark. After a no holds barred discussion of the Russian Hoax debacle, there’s a 12 page outline of day-by-day, key events that boils the three years down to prosecutable packages. The Department of Justice has some serious issues.

      The Cost

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