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      it’s not too late to write to Kuster regarding Friday’s vote on the Covid relief bill. (I’m assuming most of us are in Kuster’s district) You can find how to send her email under the Home/Contact Your Representative page

      FYI – here is what I wrote.

      Dear Ms, Kuster,

      I understand the vote on this bill is coming up on Feb 26, 2021. I urge you to vote NO, and continue to vote NO until the bill is focused on actually providing relief to those of us who’ve struggled.

      I’ve read a lot about this bill and yes, it contains some relief for us plain folks and that’s nice. But, depending on how you slice it, only about 40% actually goes to relief. Pass that bill please. Don’t throw in a bunch of junk (like another couple hundred million for the National Academy of the Arts) a bridge to Canada, and PLEASE don’t put money in there that will not be spent on American citizens.

      You represent New Hampshire. Have you done an analysis of the economic impact to our state? Raising the minumum wage? What the heck does THAT have to do with Covid relief? Have you analyzed what a $15/hr minimum wage would do to our ski industry? The average ski instructor makes about $10/hr and forcing operators to raise their wages to $15/hr will decimate that business. Same goes for the golf industry.

      I urge you do do the right thing for you consituents and that is pass a bill that provides us relief and leave the pork to other. I know it will require COURAGE to do so, so I hope you can summon it up.

      Thank you,

      Bob Hatcher
      10 River View Drive
      Thornton, NH 03285

      PS, please send me your analysis of the impacts to our state. I’m looking forward to reading it. If you haven’t done an analysis I hope you will abstain from voting until you do.

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      Robert Hatcher

      Got a response from Kuster. She argues that NH will receive $1 billion of the $350 billion allocated – and she thinks that’s great. Based upon population

      Population of NH = 1.35 million
      Population of USA = 330 million
      We are 0.41% of the country so we should get .41 x 350 billion or $1.43 billion. Why does the think we should get only 70% of what we deserve?

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