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      Dave Rivers

      PARC May 5, 2021 4:30 pm BOD Meeting minutes

      1. Last month’s meeting minutes accepted.
      2. Chair report:
      April 24, Computer workshop a success
      LTTE results so far no response. Still trying.
      Policy needed for post card outreach.
      Request for 2020 election voting statistics in process
      Organizational questions in process

      3. BOD members reports
      Treasurer Linda M. All ok.
      Secretary Marlene R. reported on use of Spectrum Marketing to communicate our events across all of New Hampshire.
      Membership. Glen C. No report
      IT Media Bob Hatcher. Suggested a post card process where pre messaged Post cards are available to each DWF attendees. Suggestion very well received. Follow up needed for a policy to govern.
      Planning / Fundraising: Kendall Hughes has organized a raffle. Tickets to be available soon.
      Past Chair, Advisory Board Roy Russel: A few irons in the fire.
      County Liaison Sub Committee: Holly W. has contacted a Convention of States area coordinator who will be presenting a short overview June 10 DWF.
      Student Outreach: Hayley V-L is contacting various student organizations for assistance.

      4. New Business:
      Tentative plans for a Movie night in the works.
      Need to review and or augment candidate funds disbursement policy.
      Election to be conducted at the June 10 DWF meeting.
      Need a list of full members for ballot distribution at the door.
      Secretary to tally & announce results at the meeting.

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