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      Dave Rivers

      PARC Meeting Minutes Wednesday March 10, 2021 meeting.

      In attendance: Dave R. Chair, Marlene R. Secretary, Linda M. Treasurer, Roy R. Past Chair/ Advisory Committee/ Speakers, Bob H. IT / Media/ Communications, John R. Planning/Fundraising, Dave L. College outreach Subcommittee, Holly W. Membership Sub Committee, Kendall H. Arrangements Sub committee.

      Meeting called to order at 4:30 pm. Feb BOD meeting minutes approved.

      Emergency backup speakers to be in attendance at each DWF meeting. Mark A. & Dave R.
      Secretary reported 26 paid members. Also reported 22 rsvp’s for March 18 DWF. We are planning on 30 to 40.
      Treasurer reported current assets & Liabilities. We are solvent.
      Communications / IT to post entire contact list many without e mail addresses. BOD to help fill in blanks.
      * BOD Meeting schedule
      · March 31, [April BOD meeting] Wednesday BOD Meeting: FIRM..(Review March DWF)
      · May 5, Wednesday BOD Meeting: FIRM; need to coordinate BOD nominations.
      · June 2, Wednesday BOD Meeting: Prepare for BOD election
      · July, no meetings unless emergency.
      . August, no meetings unless emergency
      · September 1, Wednesday BOD meeting.
      · October 6, Wednesday: BOD Meeting.
      · November 3, Wednesday BOD Meeting.
      · December 1, Wednesday BOD Meeting
      * DWF Meeting schedule
      · March 18 Thursday DWF
      * April 8, DWF: Frank Edelblut…Firm.
      * May 13 DWF: Steve Stepanak and possibly GOP NH State Vice Chair Pam Tucker.
      * June 10 DWF: BOD election and General Donald Bolduc
      * July / August: No DWF meetings.
      * September 9 DWF: Mark Alliegro
      * October 14 DWF
      * November 11 DWF ((This is Veteran’s day…ok?)
      * December 9 DWF meeting or holiday potluck gala?

      B. Special events
      “Do I need a new Computer?” Workshop tentatively scheduled for Saturday AM in the Campton GOP office April 10, 17 or 24.
      Additional workshop ideas?

      C. Meeting adjourned at 6:15 pm.

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