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      Good Morning Everyone,
      Here is a quick update on what is going on in the NH Senate. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
      Yesterday we passed the following bills:
      SB130 – creating Education Freedom Accounts (with added public school protection and income limitations)
      SB141 – relative to procedures for conducting firearm background checks
      SB92 – which helps to ensure dangerous criminals are not released prior to trial
      And, a few election law bills to protect NH’s elections

      We also killed SB158 that would have raised property taxes and created donor towns for education funding.

      As a member of the Finance Committee, I will be spending much of my time in the next few months on crafting the 2022/2023 State Budget. I’ll also be looking at how to spend the $1B+ dollars coming into the state from the most recent stimulus package.

      Erin Hennessey
      State Senator District 1
      (603) 271-4151

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