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      Hello all, I am Mike McLaughlin and am pleased to be a part of the Plymouth Area Republican Committee. Our goal is to broaden our membership allowing access to more local citizens in the hope of getting more people directly and actively involved in all levels of government.

      It is critical that people take an active role to influence how their government is run. From operating budgets to policy, it all has a direct effect on our lives, families, jobs, freedoms, etc. When left to others we are susceptible to their beliefs only, which we see today, can be intrusive and restrictive.

      As a real estate professional in the Plymouth area since 2000 I have been the welcome wagon, so to speak, for many people and families moving to New Hampshire. I have enjoyed promoting the many amenities and natural wonders of our area, and the ‘Live Free or Die’ way of life. It has been enjoyable and rewarding to watch people move here and come to enjoy our great state.

      I had never been political in my early years. Recently there have been drastic changes in our governments, local, state and national, that are impeding our rights and way of life. There is an urgent call for more freedom loving and independent thinking citizens to get involved and preserve The American Dream.

      My goal is to reach out to like minded people and bring them into the fold where they can learn how to get involved and effectively make the changes that will benefit them, their families and their fellow citizens.

      God bless all who take part in making our towns, state and constitutional republic a free, safe and productive place to live. God bless The United States of America.

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