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      I have always been politically aware – sensitized by idiocy, and concerned – active, only in my voting & speech among friends and associates. That is until Omer Ahern challenged me to run for SR. I lost, by a small margin, but will always be grateful for my political enlivenment (I’m woke??) by dear Omer!

      I came from a somewhat political background, one might say. Dad was the lead anti-Communist operative for SA while in Caracas for 25 years (probably CIA – all of our friends seemed to be). I was reared there in paradise (Can you say ‘anti-Socialist’?). Mom had good political instincts – with witticisms such as “If you can keep people dumb, you can control them.” That was way prior to obvious Statist educational trashing. My father was scheduled to be called up to Flag Officer rank in the event of national emergencies; what would he be doing today, I wonder. I fly a flag that graced the White House under Reagan. I was accepted at our 3 primary Military Academies and attended Annapolis until I left to pursue Medicine.

      I spend much of my time & effort in retirement fostering a humanitarian organization in Kenya, which is one of the finest things that I have ever done. Now, being associated with a revitalized PBVRC and living in a proud State such as NH, I am pleased to contribute whatever I can to the marvel that is Conservative politics and action – all for the Glory of God and the Love of Country.


      Roy Dallas Russell, M.D.

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