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      Hello I am Kendall B. Hughes, many know be as KB Hughes. I have a long family history here in New Hampshire, dating back to 1700’s Here in Ashland My family have lived here also dating back to the 1700 on my mothers side and 1838 on my fathers side.
      I believe in government for the People and By the People, I do not believe that agendas has a place in doing the Peoples Business. I believe that Government should be limited in size but strong in protecting our Constitutional Rights which include the Right to Assembly, The Right to manage our own Health. The Right to own posses and shoot our weapons. (Bear Arms)
      I believe That we should be prepared to over throw a governments that infringes on our Rights under the Constitution. A government that believes its above the Constitution is what our for fathers fought against 245 year ago.
      In the Words of Tom Jefferson, A good Revolt is needed from time to time to keep the government knowing who it is responsible to. The People that elect it.

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      I couldn’t agree with you more.

      What would the Second Revolution look like, and are there the 11% estimated ultra-committed persons it is estimated to require for bringing about any successful revolution? That would be calculated from 254M adults 18 years old or older, or ~28M Patriots.

      How would it start? Militia dying for their beliefs to energize a larger populace? Something else?

      I just don’t have an imagination sufficient to envision it. Who will be the next George Washington, etc? What will be the next Boston Tea Party? How many gallows will the Statists need. How much bloodshed? More that our Civil War, I would venture.

      Very scary s___!



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