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      Dave Rivers

      Dave Rivers here. I am retired but very active in many different ways: primarily skiing, hiking, biking (motorcycle biking), & travelling . My wife Marlene & I enjoy doing all of these activities together.
      I had a long and successful career in private industry while managing a nonprofit in my spare time. I still have the fondness for desk work. Old habits are hard to break!
      My awareness of political differences started with my listening to many of my liberal friends. They were very intelligent people except when it came to politics. They just were never able to see cause & effect. To me big government means big taxes. They never seemed to grasp that relationship.
      I am a fiscal conservative and a constitutionalist. I hoped the common sense political scene that started with the 2016 election would shepherd in the dawn of a long and prosperous America First era for our country.
      Even though that hope may be difficult or impossible to fulfil, my efforts today are focused on ways to Keep New Hampshire Great! Helping the Plymouth Area Republican Committee will be my contribution towards that goal.

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