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      Put all Board meeting documents here as replies.

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      Dave Rivers

      Meeting was at Mike & Sue Mc’Laughlin’s home in Holderness and on Zoom starting at 4:30. Some attendees were on Zoom, others in the room at 4:40, adjourned at 6:30.
      In attendance were: Dave Rivers, Marlene Rivers, Bob Hatcher, Roy Russel, Kendall Hughes, Mike Mc Laughlin, Linda Molinaro, Holly Willobough, Dave Leroux, John Randlett.
      Mark Alliegro, Patrick Whetmore and Mike’s father Jim McLaughlin attended as guests.

      Meetings Announcement:
      • Should be via e mail with an RSVP requested.
      • Could be advertised in local newspapers: Plymouth Record, Weirs times, Others?
      • February meeting needs a speaker & a venue
      • Fees: Entrance : $5 members, $10 nonmembers

      • Member types were pushed to a sub committee: Dave Leroux, Roy Russel & Dave Rivers.
      • That committee’s recommendation (after BOD meeting)
      o Two member types:
      o Full (in catchment area)
      o Associate (outside catchment area)
      o Sub Committees:
      o Comprised of Full Member or Associate member
      o BOD member as supervisor

      Agenda items for next BOD meeting: Wednesday, FEB 10.
      Next Open Meeting Feb 24?

      Everyone has seen the proposed by laws in prior e mails…attached again to this e mail.

      Change to membership types (Registered voter vs Republican and definition of Alternate and allowing a person to become a full member from a town not in PARC catchment area by unanimous BOD vote.

      Open question: Are we to be guided by State GOP Bylaws or County GOP By laws?
      Dave R.

      PARC Expense form attached.


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      Dave Rivers

      A. Our February BOD meeting was held as scheduled on Feb 10 2021 at Roy Russel’s home in Plymouth. In attendance were:
      1. Dave R. Chair
      2. Marlene R. Secretary
      3. Linda M. Treasurer
      4. Roy R. Past Chair/ Advisory Committee/ Speakers
      5. Mike M. Membership*
      6. Bob H. IT / Media/ Communications *
      7. John R. Planning/Fundraising
      8. Dave L. College outreach subcommittee
      9. Holly W. Membership / Arrangements subcommittee
      10. Kendall H. Speaker/facility subcommittee
      * Zoom participants
      Next BOD meeting March 10, 4:30 pm on zoom and an in person location TBD.

      1. Minutes from Jan 13, 2021 BOD meeting were reviewed & approved.

      2. Each BOD member and subcommittee lead made a report. No major issues, much progress.

      3. Bylaws: Updates were requested. New version sent on separate email on Feb 19, 2021.

      4. March 18 DWF at the Ashland VFW, refreshments and Speaker all set. Additional full distribution e mail announcements to be sent.

      5. We decided on two meetings per month: one BOD & one DWF. Dates for each in detail section following.

      6. New Business
       Initial leanings are that we should hold our workshops in addition to regular meetings.
       Dave L. announced his organizations’ Pancake Breakfast on February 20 at the old Alexandria Town Hall, 47 Washburn Rd.

      Detail minutes attached.

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      Dave Rivers

      Agenda March 10 BOD meeting:

      A. BOD member’s reports:

      1. Dave R. Chair

      *Feb BOD meeting minutes review/ approve.

      *Need a volunteer either from someone who has RSVP’d or a BOD member or a PARC member to be a backup speaker if necessary. Note this is a recurring need for every DWF.

      *Speakers: Do we have a viable roster?

      *Do we publish a “If postponed due to weather” alternative date?

      *Need to publish Events (DWF schedule) on website along with BOD meeting dates.

      2. Marlene R. Secretary: (DWF Status)

      3. Linda M. Treasurer: (Status)

      *Current Assets, Current Liabilities

      4. Roy R. Past Chair/ Advisory Committee/ Speakers: (Status)

      5. Mike M. Membership: (Status)

      *Future participation?

      6. Bob H. IT / Media/ Communications: (Status)
      *Report on Sponsorship opportunity…(John & Bob)
      7. John R. Planning/Fundraising: (Status)

      *Report on Sponsorship opportunity…(John & Bob)

      8. Dave L. College outreach subcommittee: (Status)

      9. Holly W. Membership / Arrangements subcommittee. (DWF Status)
      10. Kendall H. Speaker/facility subcommittee: (DWF Status)

      * April DWF: Frank Edelblut…Firm. Double Check Date.
      * Future DWF: Steve S? Bob G? Erin H? Others?

      B. Special events

      “Do I need a new Computer?”
      Workshop tentatively scheduled for April.

      Additional workshop ideas?

      C. Bylaws: Approve

      D. New Business

      E. Future Schedules: Discussion optional.

      * BOD Meeting schedule

      · April 14, Wednesday BOD Meeting: FIRM…(Review results of March DWF)

      · May 12, Wednesday BOD Meeting: FIRM; need to coordinate BOD nominations

      · June 16, Wednesday BOD Meeting: Prepare for BOD election

      · July, August no meetings unless emergency.

      · September 15, Wednesday BOD meeting. FIRM re-start from summer break.

      · October 13, Wednesday: BOD Meeting.

      · November 10, Wednesday BOD Meeting.

      · December 15, Wednesday BOD

      * DWF Meetings Schedule

      · March 18 Thursday DWF: FIRM

      · April 22, Wednesday DWF.

      · May 19, Wednesday DWF. FIRM Opportunity to announce BOD nominations

      · June 23, Wednesday DWF. FIRM Full member BOD Vote

      · September 22, Wednesday DWF.

      · October 20, Wednesday DWF.

      · November 17, Wednesday DWF.

      · December 22, NO DWF meeting or holiday potluck gala?

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      Dave, please put these in as PDFs so we don’t have “death by scrolling”


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      Dave Rivers

      PARC Meeting Minutes Wednesday March 10, 2021 meeting.
      In attendance: Dave R. Chair, Marlene R. Secretary, Linda M. Treasurer, Roy R. Past Chair/ Advisory Committee/ Speakers, Bob H. IT / Media/ Communications, John R. Planning/Fundraising, Dave L. College outreach Subcommittee, Holly W. Membership Sub Committee, Kendall H. Arrangements Sub committee.
      Meeting called to order at 4:30 pm. Feb BOD meeting minutes approved.
      Emergency backup speakers to be in attendance at each DWF meeting. Mark A. & Dave R.
      Secretary reported 26 paid members. Also reported 22 rsvp’s for March 18 DWF.
      We are planning on 30 to 40.
      Treasurer reported current assets & Liabilities. We are solvent.
      Communications / IT to post entire contact list many without e mail addresses. BOD to help fill in the blanks.

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      Dave Rivers

      Agenda: Wednesday March 31 4:30 pm Zoom or my home.

      1. Chair Report: Dave R. report on March 18 DWF…IMO Astounding success!
      Caution we may outgrow facility very soon…
      Are we all set for next DWF…improvements / watch-outs/ comments from 1st DWF…
      I’m thinking of a copy & paste for assignments…
      Meaning let’s do what we did in March again in April!

      2. Treasurer report: Linda M. Assets / Liabilities, Meeting results.
      3. Secretary Marlene R. report.
      4. Membership (TBA)
      5. IT/ Communications: Bob H.
      6. Planning / Fund Raising: John R.
      7. Past Chair Advisory committee: Roy R.
      8. Speakers: Kendall H. Frank E. firm?
      9. Arrangements / Other groups Liaison: Holly W
      10 Student Outreach: Haley V-L (new team member…welcome Haley!)
      11. New Business…Dave R. Membership chair, Letter writing.
      Other new business?

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      Dave Rivers

      SUMMARIZED PARC meeting minutes Wednesday March 31 4:30 pm Zoom and in home of Dave & Marlene.
      In attendance:
      Bob Hatcher, Glen Copatch, Linda Molinaro, Marlene Rivers, Dave Rivers, Roy Russel, and Holly Willoughby. Kendall had a conflict but had called in to give his report earlier. John Randlett will be taking a sabbatical due to personal reasons.

      1. Chair Report: Dave R. report on March 18 DWF…IMO Astounding success! “Do I need a new Computer?” Workshop Saturday AM in Campton GOP office April 24.
      2. Treasurer report: Linda M. Verbal report: treasury balance is very healthy.
      3. Secretary Marlene R. report. Marlene will again follow up with Concord GOP to get liability coverage for our April meetings. Will interface with Spectrum Marketing to advertise DWF’s.
      4. Membership: Glen C. new team member…welcome Glen!
      5. IT/ Communications: Bob H. Has added a section in the web site for all of us to go and review contacts without e mail addresses…
      6. Planning / Fund Raising: John R. John will be stepping back from this roll. See new business.
      7. Past Chair Advisory committee: Roy R. Roy is pursuing a Big event. See new business.
      8. DWF Speakers: Kendall H. April: Frank E. firm! May: Steve Stepanek and possibly GOP NH State Vice Chair Pam Tucker. June Don Bolduc. Sept; Mark Alliegro.
      9. Arrangements / Other groups Liaison: Holly W
      Working as a liaison with other counties Holly has started with Norn Silber and Belknap County Republicans. More to follow.
      10 Student Outreach: Hayley Van Loon…new team member…welcome Hayley! Hayley has followed through with Scott Walker’s group “The Young Americas Foundation (YAF)”. See new business.
      11. New Business…
      11-A. Letter writing: Haley Van Loon has volunteered to assist with this important task.
      11-B. Student Outreach: Hayley Van Loon has done some planning to engage with Scott walker’s YAF group. Also YAF has a deep pool of potential speakers.
      11-C. Roy R’s Big event. Possible tie in with Hayley’s Van Loon’s student outreach initiatives.
      Dave R asked Steve Stepanek for contacts familiar with GOP sponsored Gov. Hayley event.
      11-D. Fund raising: Dave R met with Jerry Thibodeau concerning fund raising last week.
      11-E. PARC’s computer:Sold
      11-F PARC’s Printer.
      Similar items selling on e bay for $190.00. Plans to be discussed next BOD meeting.
      11-G. DWF meetings. It was suggested that we call our DWF meetings “Events” or Gatherings”.
      11-H. Formal organization. The State GOP is still suggesting we formally organize as a PAC
      11-I. DWF Event dates: The Board’s consensus is that the better day for our DWF meetings is the fourth Thursday. Decision to be completed during our June 2 BOD meeting.
      11-J. DWF format alternative: Holly suggested changing our “speaker driven format” occasionally or as a special event to one that may be more interesting to Young Republicans.
      11-K.Mail addresses for DWF walk-ins: We are prepared to ask for e mail address forms..

      Note: Detail meeting minutes attached.

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