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Dave Rivers

SUMMARIZED PARC meeting minutes Wednesday March 31 4:30 pm Zoom and in home of Dave & Marlene.
In attendance:
Bob Hatcher, Glen Copatch, Linda Molinaro, Marlene Rivers, Dave Rivers, Roy Russel, and Holly Willoughby. Kendall had a conflict but had called in to give his report earlier. John Randlett will be taking a sabbatical due to personal reasons.

1. Chair Report: Dave R. report on March 18 DWF…IMO Astounding success! “Do I need a new Computer?” Workshop Saturday AM in Campton GOP office April 24.
2. Treasurer report: Linda M. Verbal report: treasury balance is very healthy.
3. Secretary Marlene R. report. Marlene will again follow up with Concord GOP to get liability coverage for our April meetings. Will interface with Spectrum Marketing to advertise DWF’s.
4. Membership: Glen C. new team member…welcome Glen!
5. IT/ Communications: Bob H. Has added a section in the web site for all of us to go and review contacts without e mail addresses…
6. Planning / Fund Raising: John R. John will be stepping back from this roll. See new business.
7. Past Chair Advisory committee: Roy R. Roy is pursuing a Big event. See new business.
8. DWF Speakers: Kendall H. April: Frank E. firm! May: Steve Stepanek and possibly GOP NH State Vice Chair Pam Tucker. June Don Bolduc. Sept; Mark Alliegro.
9. Arrangements / Other groups Liaison: Holly W
Working as a liaison with other counties Holly has started with Norn Silber and Belknap County Republicans. More to follow.
10 Student Outreach: Hayley Van Loon…new team member…welcome Hayley! Hayley has followed through with Scott Walker’s group “The Young Americas Foundation (YAF)”. See new business.
11. New Business…
11-A. Letter writing: Haley Van Loon has volunteered to assist with this important task.
11-B. Student Outreach: Hayley Van Loon has done some planning to engage with Scott walker’s YAF group. Also YAF has a deep pool of potential speakers.
11-C. Roy R’s Big event. Possible tie in with Hayley’s Van Loon’s student outreach initiatives.
Dave R asked Steve Stepanek for contacts familiar with GOP sponsored Gov. Hayley event.
11-D. Fund raising: Dave R met with Jerry Thibodeau concerning fund raising last week.
11-E. PARC’s computer:Sold
11-F PARC’s Printer.
Similar items selling on e bay for $190.00. Plans to be discussed next BOD meeting.
11-G. DWF meetings. It was suggested that we call our DWF meetings “Events” or Gatherings”.
11-H. Formal organization. The State GOP is still suggesting we formally organize as a PAC
11-I. DWF Event dates: The Board’s consensus is that the better day for our DWF meetings is the fourth Thursday. Decision to be completed during our June 2 BOD meeting.
11-J. DWF format alternative: Holly suggested changing our “speaker driven format” occasionally or as a special event to one that may be more interesting to Young Republicans.
11-K.Mail addresses for DWF walk-ins: We are prepared to ask for e mail address forms..

Note: Detail meeting minutes attached.