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Dave Rivers

Agenda: Wednesday March 31 4:30 pm Zoom or my home.

1. Chair Report: Dave R. report on March 18 DWF…IMO Astounding success!
Caution we may outgrow facility very soon…
Are we all set for next DWF…improvements / watch-outs/ comments from 1st DWF…
I’m thinking of a copy & paste for assignments…
Meaning let’s do what we did in March again in April!

2. Treasurer report: Linda M. Assets / Liabilities, Meeting results.
3. Secretary Marlene R. report.
4. Membership (TBA)
5. IT/ Communications: Bob H.
6. Planning / Fund Raising: John R.
7. Past Chair Advisory committee: Roy R.
8. Speakers: Kendall H. Frank E. firm?
9. Arrangements / Other groups Liaison: Holly W
10 Student Outreach: Haley V-L (new team member…welcome Haley!)
11. New Business…Dave R. Membership chair, Letter writing.
Other new business?