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Dave Rivers

PARC Meeting Minutes Wednesday March 10, 2021 meeting.
In attendance: Dave R. Chair, Marlene R. Secretary, Linda M. Treasurer, Roy R. Past Chair/ Advisory Committee/ Speakers, Bob H. IT / Media/ Communications, John R. Planning/Fundraising, Dave L. College outreach Subcommittee, Holly W. Membership Sub Committee, Kendall H. Arrangements Sub committee.
Meeting called to order at 4:30 pm. Feb BOD meeting minutes approved.
Emergency backup speakers to be in attendance at each DWF meeting. Mark A. & Dave R.
Secretary reported 26 paid members. Also reported 22 rsvp’s for March 18 DWF.
We are planning on 30 to 40.
Treasurer reported current assets & Liabilities. We are solvent.
Communications / IT to post entire contact list many without e mail addresses. BOD to help fill in the blanks.