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Dave Rivers

Agenda March 10 BOD meeting:

A. BOD member’s reports:

1. Dave R. Chair

*Feb BOD meeting minutes review/ approve.

*Need a volunteer either from someone who has RSVP’d or a BOD member or a PARC member to be a backup speaker if necessary. Note this is a recurring need for every DWF.

*Speakers: Do we have a viable roster?

*Do we publish a “If postponed due to weather” alternative date?

*Need to publish Events (DWF schedule) on website along with BOD meeting dates.

2. Marlene R. Secretary: (DWF Status)

3. Linda M. Treasurer: (Status)

*Current Assets, Current Liabilities

4. Roy R. Past Chair/ Advisory Committee/ Speakers: (Status)

5. Mike M. Membership: (Status)

*Future participation?

6. Bob H. IT / Media/ Communications: (Status)
*Report on Sponsorship opportunity…(John & Bob)
7. John R. Planning/Fundraising: (Status)

*Report on Sponsorship opportunity…(John & Bob)

8. Dave L. College outreach subcommittee: (Status)

9. Holly W. Membership / Arrangements subcommittee. (DWF Status)
10. Kendall H. Speaker/facility subcommittee: (DWF Status)

* April DWF: Frank Edelblut…Firm. Double Check Date.
* Future DWF: Steve S? Bob G? Erin H? Others?

B. Special events

“Do I need a new Computer?”
Workshop tentatively scheduled for April.

Additional workshop ideas?

C. Bylaws: Approve

D. New Business

E. Future Schedules: Discussion optional.

* BOD Meeting schedule

· April 14, Wednesday BOD Meeting: FIRM…(Review results of March DWF)

· May 12, Wednesday BOD Meeting: FIRM; need to coordinate BOD nominations

· June 16, Wednesday BOD Meeting: Prepare for BOD election

· July, August no meetings unless emergency.

· September 15, Wednesday BOD meeting. FIRM re-start from summer break.

· October 13, Wednesday: BOD Meeting.

· November 10, Wednesday BOD Meeting.

· December 15, Wednesday BOD

* DWF Meetings Schedule

· March 18 Thursday DWF: FIRM

· April 22, Wednesday DWF.

· May 19, Wednesday DWF. FIRM Opportunity to announce BOD nominations

· June 23, Wednesday DWF. FIRM Full member BOD Vote

· September 22, Wednesday DWF.

· October 20, Wednesday DWF.

· November 17, Wednesday DWF.

· December 22, NO DWF meeting or holiday potluck gala?