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Dave Rivers

A. Our February BOD meeting was held as scheduled on Feb 10 2021 at Roy Russel’s home in Plymouth. In attendance were:
1. Dave R. Chair
2. Marlene R. Secretary
3. Linda M. Treasurer
4. Roy R. Past Chair/ Advisory Committee/ Speakers
5. Mike M. Membership*
6. Bob H. IT / Media/ Communications *
7. John R. Planning/Fundraising
8. Dave L. College outreach subcommittee
9. Holly W. Membership / Arrangements subcommittee
10. Kendall H. Speaker/facility subcommittee
* Zoom participants
Next BOD meeting March 10, 4:30 pm on zoom and an in person location TBD.

1. Minutes from Jan 13, 2021 BOD meeting were reviewed & approved.

2. Each BOD member and subcommittee lead made a report. No major issues, much progress.

3. Bylaws: Updates were requested. New version sent on separate email on Feb 19, 2021.

4. March 18 DWF at the Ashland VFW, refreshments and Speaker all set. Additional full distribution e mail announcements to be sent.

5. We decided on two meetings per month: one BOD & one DWF. Dates for each in detail section following.

6. New Business
 Initial leanings are that we should hold our workshops in addition to regular meetings.
 Dave L. announced his organizations’ Pancake Breakfast on February 20 at the old Alexandria Town Hall, 47 Washburn Rd.

Detail minutes attached.