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Dave Rivers

Meeting was at Mike & Sue Mc’Laughlin’s home in Holderness and on Zoom starting at 4:30. Some attendees were on Zoom, others in the room at 4:40, adjourned at 6:30.
In attendance were: Dave Rivers, Marlene Rivers, Bob Hatcher, Roy Russel, Kendall Hughes, Mike Mc Laughlin, Linda Molinaro, Holly Willobough, Dave Leroux, John Randlett.
Mark Alliegro, Patrick Whetmore and Mike’s father Jim McLaughlin attended as guests.

Meetings Announcement:
• Should be via e mail with an RSVP requested.
• Could be advertised in local newspapers: Plymouth Record, Weirs times, Others?
• February meeting needs a speaker & a venue
• Fees: Entrance : $5 members, $10 nonmembers

• Member types were pushed to a sub committee: Dave Leroux, Roy Russel & Dave Rivers.
• That committee’s recommendation (after BOD meeting)
o Two member types:
o Full (in catchment area)
o Associate (outside catchment area)
o Sub Committees:
o Comprised of Full Member or Associate member
o BOD member as supervisor

Agenda items for next BOD meeting: Wednesday, FEB 10.
Next Open Meeting Feb 24?

Everyone has seen the proposed by laws in prior e mails…attached again to this e mail.

Change to membership types (Registered voter vs Republican and definition of Alternate and allowing a person to become a full member from a town not in PARC catchment area by unanimous BOD vote.

Open question: Are we to be guided by State GOP Bylaws or County GOP By laws?
Dave R.

PARC Expense form attached.


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