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Dave Rivers

How to talk with a liberal….

So how are you today?
Nice weather huh?
Days are getting longer.
Evergreens are pretty with new snow on them.

Anything else is verboten!

Here’s a few I’ve tried…
Me: Sheesh, the voter fraud in this past election was terrible. We should do something about it.
Lib: What voter fraud?

Me: I think the mask edicts from our leaders are a big overreach.
Lib: Yeah but we’ll all die if we don’t wear masks.

Me: I am afraid what our country will look like when all the world’s economic refugees accept Biden’s invitation to come here and get on the taxpayer’s dole.
Lib: Do you really think that’s actually gonna happen?

Me: When Pelosi passes cheat by mail and gives drivers licenses to all non citizens and they all start to vote for the party that buys their votes America will never be the same.
Lib: Oh I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

Me: Are you ready for $5 per gallon gas?
Lib: Oh god, I hope that never happens!

Me: When demands for electricity increase because we’re all driving electric cars, I wonder where all the additional electricity will come from?
Lib: Oh that’s easy: batteries!

Me: I think Socialism stifles creativity and diminishes everyone’s quality of life.
Lib: In France health care is free!

Me: I think Biden and many of our leaders are compromised by cash from China.
Lib: What do you mean by that?

Me: It seems to me not one Democrat politician has ever taken an intro course in economics.
Lib: Why?
Me: All Democrats want an unrealistically high minimum wage.
Lib: But a family can’t live on todays’ minimum wage.
Me: 🥴

What say you?

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